Eliza Jane Schneider is an actor, playwright, songstress, and fiddler in addition to being a dialect expert.

She is most widely known for voicing most of the female characters on Comedy Central's SOUTH PARK, including Wendy, Shelly, Principal Victoria, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Cartman, Mrs. McCormick, Ms. Crabtree, the Mayor, and hundreds of additional voices.

Her one-woman, 34-character show, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, directed by Sal Romeo, won the "Best Solo Show" award at the New York International Fringe Festival, then ran Off-Broadway at P.S. 122, and was ultimately moved to Joe's Pub at The Public Theater.

On camera, she is known in over 60 countries as "Liza," on CBS’s BEAKMAN'S WORLD, and appeared in 2015 as Ilyana, a Russian spy, in Disney Channel’s KC Undercover.

Her gaming fans know her as Rebecca Crane in the ASSASSIN'S CREED game franchise, and she has coached dialects and voiced dozens of other characters and creatures for the gaming world, from Scottish trolls to Jamaican dragons.

She often coaches celebrities for film, and worked as a voice-match expert with Oliver Stone on SAVAGES, and Todd Phillips on HANGOVER 3. She has taught Dialects and Accent Reduction at Brown University, Trinity Rep, UCLA Extension, The O'Neill Theater Center, Word Bridge Playwright's Workshop, The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Conservatory at the American Film Institute (AFI) in Hollywood.

She has performed, researched, and taught dialects all over England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, both Islands of New Zealand, all 50 United States, South Africa, the West Indies, Russia, Israel, France, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea, usually while touring as a fiddler with some band.

"The breadth of Eliza’s skill and knowledge in dialects is matched only by the depth of detail she brings to each particular one. And it’s all built on a unique foundation of personal, scholarly research. As an actress, she seamlessly synthesizes that knowledge into the characters she creates -be they fantastical or truly real."

Renee Johnson, Creative Director
Disney Character Voices

"We had Eliza Jane do some voice and speech evaluation for our lawyers at one of our retreats, and she blew us away. She did some personal training for some of them and they showed VAST improvement."

Robert E. Thackston
Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP

“After working with several different accent coaches over the last few years, I was left confused and hopeless. I thought I’d never be able to learn an American accent. Then I met Eliza. She was able to diagnose all of my mistakes in 10 minutes! Working with her has given me a thorough understanding not just of how to perfect my General American accent, but how to take on ANY dialect/accent in the English language.”

Jelena Mrdja, Actress

"She worked with me on the piece that helped secure my roles in PIXAR's "Ratatouille" and she hasn't stopped since. I am a loyal advocate for Eliza in every setting that holds perfection in its' list of necessities."

Julius Callahan, Actor

"Eliza makes dialect work feel fun, accessible, and, most importantly, natural. She is truly gifted as both a linguist and a teacher."

Mike Faiola, Actor

"If Lily Tomlin and Anna Deavere Smith were to merge their talents, the result might be something like Eliza Jane Schneider’s Freedom of Speech, a dramatic tour of America and also a tour de force… A wondrous harmony of American voices pouring from a one-woman choir."

Adam Feldman, Time-Out New York
President, New York Drama Critics’ Circle